Weight LossTessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey | Diet & Workout Routine

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey | Diet & Workout Routine[2024]

Brooks is a multi-talented personality, and Along with their fame, she felt the need to change the shape of her body because of being overweight. She surprised her fans by losing a lot of weight. She always encourages fans to love themselves. Tessa lost 20 pounds, and her current weight is 121 pounds. In contrast to her previous weight, where her former weight was nearly 140 pounds.

Who is Tessabrooks?

An ardent Youtuber, talented dancer, and now a model and an actress as well, Tessa Brooks does a little bit of everything and does it very well. Born on 5th April 1999.22 years old Tessa Brooks is a famous YouTuber vlogger and social media personality. She has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. She belongs to California.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey

Tessa was never too worried about her physical appearance. As a regular dancer, she was quite fit. She wasn’t overweight or fat or even what people would call a bit chubby. Yet, she wanted to make some changes to her life.

Tessa has said multiple times that she is a total foodie, which causes her to gain weight more quickly. So, she would lose 5-8 pounds by practicing and then gain it right back in a couple of weeks when she couldn’t practice. The problem wasn’t losing the weight; it was maintaining the weight loss.

That’s what Tessa wanted to change, and that is what the Tessa Brooks weight loss journey is all about. So, she decided to let go of her old eating habits and up the ante of workouts. By mid-2019, she has lost around 20 pounds.

She looks healthier than ever; she feels more beautiful, more confident, and happier in her new body. No weight loss pills or surgeries, just hard work, and dedication.

Tessa Brooks’ Diet Plan For Losing 20lbs

The best part about YouTubers/influencers is that they talk about everything going on in their life. Most of the time, when we write articles about celebrity weight loss, finding out this type of information is nearly impossible. Luckily, Tessa has been quite open about it, albeit after continuous requests from fans.

The most important dietary change she made was removing dairy products. She would eat whole mozzarella sticks while editing her YouTube blogs. But, she knew she had to let all these habits go if she wanted real change. And she did she said,

“I cut out all the dairy that I was consuming. Cutting out dairy was a huge thing for me.”

She continued 

“It also kind of cleaned my skin which was a bonus. I tried to be very mindful about what I was eating. If there were two meals at a restaurant that I like, I would go with the healthier ones.”

Here are Tessa’s daily meals:

Brooks’s Breakfast: An early morning smoothie to start the day.

Brooks’s Lunch:

Fresh salad mostly based on green vegetables and 4 chicken tacos are included in Brooks’s lunch. Tessa likes chicken tacos very much.

Brooks’s Dinner:

Dinner time was too much tough for Tessa. Because she wanted to eat all of her favorite things for dinner but she didn’t. she also ate chicken tacos and simply delicious food for dinner. Tessa said about her dinner

“Night was the hardest part for me because I always wanted to eat everything.”

Brooks cared a lot about her fans so she shared her diet plan with her followers. Tessa would also stop her fans from eating unhealthy food like chips, cheese, corn, and dairy food. Tessa explained her daily routine in these words

“something light, like a salad and sometimes chicken tacos that were dairy free. Because four tacos had only 190 calories it was a very good choice”.

This simple and easy-looking diet plan wasn’t easy to follow for Tessa. She has said multiple times, that letting go of dairy was difficult, but it proved the most beneficial as well. She admitted that she didn’t get tired as quickly as before, and her brain, as well as the whole body, felt much more energetic.


Tessa Brooks’ Workout Routine

As we said earlier, losing weight wasn’t a problem for Tessa, it was maintaining it. Once she changed her diet, maintaining the weight became much easier. Almost two years have now passed since Tessa’s transformation, and she hasn’t gained back any of the lost weight. Some credit also goes to her workout routine, which is quite hectic.

Brooks doesn’t like to go to the gym regularly. Even though she has a gym in her apartment, she doesn’t like spending too much time there. She did exercises in her apartment and liked outdoor activities like hiking, walking with friends, and especially dancing. Dicing is her hobby and a part of her profession. She said about the gym

“I am not a person who usually likes working out in the gym“.

She likes dancing very much. Why does Brooks also do cardio? And cardio is best for slimming. She said,

“I never want to lose my muscle so that’s why I do all these other exercises.”

She did 20 pushups every day. Jumping lunges and hip swings are also included in her routine. Tessa also practices yoga.

Instead, most of her workouts include hikes, pilates, long walks, running, and of course, dancing. She recently also started yoga to relax her mind and body after dancing sessions.

Aside from all this, here is what Tessa herself told her fans about her daily workout routine:

  • At least 30 minutes of cardio every day- before starting the proper workouts.
  • Two minutes planks for abs.
  • 20 pushups every day to make her arms stronger
  • Jumping lunges. At least twice a week.

How Does Tessa Maintain Her Weight?

Tessa is also counted among those who love and care for their body. Tessa is already not with a heavy body. But she always thinks about her body shaping. Although she loved every type of body. Brooks is perfect and good-looking and has millions of followers. Her fans like her as Tessa is. The relationship between fans and Tessa is good on any occasion.

In another video, she also talked about the importance of cheat days. Eating the same boring and healthy food all month can be difficult and cause you to lose motivation. Cheat days help you keep going because your junk food cravings are satisfied. that’s exactly what Tessa does.

Lastly, she also talked about the importance of drinking a lot of water all day round. By staying hydrated, she feels fresh and can work out better than ever.

So you see, maintaining weight requires more effort than actually losing weight. she said,
“I am trying to lose weight for a year. The problem is that whenever I lose 5 or 10 pounds I would gain the same again. Thanks to my eating habits.”

 After Tessa Brooks’Weight Loss Journey

After her weight loss journey, it was time for the real test- maintaining her weight. Only this time, she was more motivated and ready to make the right sacrifices.

After ditching dairy, she started drinking celery juices daily. Now she is easing off restrictions on dairy, but she said that whenever she eats dairy, workout sessions get a bit longer and harder too. Her diet plan and workout plan are so simple and easy to follow. Tessa mentioned that after her weight loss, she feels happy and energetic. She said after she lose weight,

“I wanted to become healthy and losing weight was awesome and great but I would say everybody type is beautiful. You are beautiful the way God has created you Just focus on your health.”

Her brain works quickly. She doesn’t feel tired with this simple and easy diet and workout routine Tessa made herself more attractive and slim. You can easily follow her plan to shed your extra pounds.

Tessa Brooks Dance Career

Tessa Brooks started out as a dancer/influencer. Her dance career took off when she made an appearance on Disney TV’s ‘Next Big Thing.’

Then she moved and conquered YouTube, where now she boasts over 3 million subscribers. Even though most of her YouTube content now revolves around make-up and travel vlogs, she still racks impressive views, and fans love her.

With each passing day, Tessa’s credits are getting more and more impressive. She recently did a web series called ‘Boss Cheer’ and also made a couple of TV appearances in different series.

Her career skyrocketed when she left the dance group Team 10. Just after one year of leaving the group, she headlined Fullscreen’s Live Girls Night In Tour. The best part- was she was a solo headliner. In an interview, Tessa said:

“It was a childhood dream of mine to go on a dance tour. I never thought I will headline a solo dance tour. So, this is the coolest feeling ever.”

She also said,

Meeting the fans, talking to them, and hugging them is the best part. Brooksters are the best.”

It shows just how much she loves and appreciates her fans. Since then, she has appeared in music videos for Diamond White and T-Pain. She dreams of opening a dance academy for kids, and we wish her the best with her latest venture.


We hope this answers all your Tessa Brooks weight loss questions. Her transformation from a cute dancer to a hot YouTuber is there for everyone to see. She continuously motivates her fans, and her fans shower her with love in return. She continues to put up her workouts on her Instagram so you can check that out too for her latest content.

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