Some of us are naturally morning people. Others are sworn night owls. And the rest of us fall somewhere in between.

But no matter where you find yourself on this spectrum, the way you wake yourself up will have a huge impact on how you feel  the rest of the day.


These three tips show you the healthiest way to start your day:


1. Wake up your spirit: Smile
Whether you spring out of bed or have a hard time convincing your eyelids to open, your attitude in the morning sets the stage for the rest of the day.

Studies have shown that smiling into your eyes has a positive physiological effect on happiness, so even if you don’t feel like it, lift the corners of your mouth and smile into your eyes when you wake up.

After all, you’ve got a brand new 24 hour adventure ahead of you, full of potential and surprises, and that’s something to be grateful for and to smile about!

If you don’t remember right when you wake up, put a post-it note on your bathroom mirror to remind you.


2. Wake up your body: Stretch
Remember when you were a kid and you felt just as limber in the morning as you did the rest of the day?

Unfortunately, my friend, those days are over.

As we get older we have to put in a little more effort to get our bodies back on track, especially after hours of laying in bed. The good news is, all you need is 10-20 minutes of gentle movement and stretching to wake your body up and feel better throughout the day.

Spend some time doing a few sun-salutations, cat-cows, or just roll your hips, neck, wrists and ankles, and maybe jump up and down for a bit. You’ll wake up those slumbering muscles and tendons and feel better right away.

(For more tips on setting up a morning practice, click here.)


3. Maintain your strength: Eat your vegetables
We all know it’s important to eat vegetables. Vegetables provide all the essential nutrients we need to stay sharp and give us the strength to get the day’s tasks done well.

But sometimes the day comes to an end and we realize we didn’t eat nearly enough servings of those colorful ingredients. To make sure you get your fill, start your day by eating mostly vegetables for breakfast.

I like to chop up some kale or broccoli with green onions and add an egg for good measure. Another yummy option is to have a baked sweet potato with ghee and caramelized onions and mushrooms or brewer’s yeast. Or make a simple veggie scramble with cilantro and salsa, and be sure to include lots of dark leafy greens too.


What are your routines to help you start your day in the healthiest way? Leave a comment below!




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