I asked some of the top health and wellness experts in the world to give me their best unconventional advice for living a healthy and vibrant life.

Here’s what they had to say:



JamesMaskellHeadshot2201. ”Seek community.

It is much easier to learn and stay accountable with the support of a group of peers. You could find them locally or online, but do not try and battle alone.

Peer-to-peer support is medicine’s best untapped resource.”

-James Maskell


original.2. “If it’s not a ‘hell yeah’ it’s a ‘no.’

As in:

Do I have time to take this on right now without getting overwhelmed?

Is eating this going to make me feel like I really want to feel?

Is sleeping with this guy/gal going to rock my world?

Should I be getting up outta’ my chair and moving my body for 15 minutes?

Asking yourself if it’s a hell yeah or a no requires giving yourself permission to pause and ask the question. It’s ten seconds of stepping back that can nourish your health and save you from a lot of misery!”

-Aviva Romm



profile_thumb_2573_350_b04c3. It’s the small things that you do every day that add up.

Walk every day.  Get outside for at least 30 minutes every day.

Most importantly it starts with sleep, 8-9 hours every day!

And of course, it goes without saying, eat as close to the earth as possible, every day. The fewest processing steps your food has gone through to get into your body, the better.

-Penny McIntosh



226d6724. “One of the challenges a lot of us run into when we try and modify a behavior is we start too big.

We try and go from not exercising at all, to exercising an hour a day. Or never having meditated to meditating for 30 minutes.

These attempts often fail pretty quickly.

It is much more effective to start really small and build from there.

It is much better to set a goal of walking for 5 minutes a day and be successful doing it every day then do two one hour workouts and not do anything for three months.

We want to build the muscle of making commitments to ourselves and keeping them. This muscle gets stronger and we can increase the level of exercise or meditation over time.

-Eric Zimmer


_MeredithZinnerPhotography088-300w-r-q75-m14131416575. ”Health begins in your mind – not your mouth.

There is no diet, detox, or cleanse that can substitute for conscious, healthy choices made consistently over time.

Ultimately, it’s how you *think* about how you feed and care for yourself that will lead you to the healthy, lasting, sustainable results you’re looking for”.

-Nicole Burley


11539026_1169754756375347_7230704366879118135_o6. “Don’t wait to make your life better, don’t wait to go after your dreams, don’t let the fear of failure hold you back.

Life can literally change in a split second.

Go after your dreams, go after making your  health better, mend those broken relationships, spend time with your family, tell them you love them, quit your s****y job because  in the end that is all that matters and al the fear, anxiety, and feeling that you aren’t significant in this world is a bunch of B.S.

You can have the live you want, you can have happiness, you can have great health, you can make an impact in people’s lives, you can be kind and generous to others”

Dr. Paul Nottoli D.C.


website“Stop and just breathe. 

You already know what ever it is you need to do to be your best you, your healthiest you.

That inner voice gets clouded with the magazine ads and commercials promising better results. Don’t forget that at your core you are beautiful and glowing.

Breathe and just learn to listen deep inside.  Once you become more mindFULL and present, you will finally see yourself there.  That’s when the magic happens”

Gina Wieboldt, CHC



Now it’s your turn!

What health and wellness advice do you think is most important for people to hear?

Leave a comment in the comments section. Given the diversity of the Della Terra Wellness tribe I think we can get a good list going!


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