Let’s be honest.

Failing bites. It feels awful.

Many of us would rather take ice cold showers for a week than face the prospect of failing, so it’s understandable that the risk of failing holds us back from trying new things and accomplishing our goals.

But it shouldn’t.

This week I’m proud to introduce the first video episode of Della Terra Wellness, and it’s all about overcoming the fear of failure.

The topic is especially relevant because I do not like public speaking, and yet here I am, making an unedited video for the whole world to see.

Even in one-on-one conversations I often find myself getting flustered and stumbling over my words, or just saying the wrong words all together.

What’s worse is that the more I linger on my discomfort, the more I stumble.

But after about 30 failed attempts, I finally managed to make a full recording that I’m fairly proud of, (though you can see how nervous I am by my flaring nostrils in the screenshot!)


In this video you’ll learn 3 antidotes to the fear of failure:



Once you’ve watched the video I would love to hear from you.

In the comments section below, tell me the method or mantra you use to overcome the fear of failure. And if you like, you can also share a time you were afraid of failing, but went ahead anyway and ended up succeeding.


I can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories!

More next week.

-Your Katerina




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