“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein

I have perceived the world from both perspectives, and I have to say, it’s a whole lot prettier on the latter end.

I think that in order to live a truly vibrant life we have to snap out of the day-to-day daze many of us routinely adopt.

Mindfulness can help accomplish this.

Rituals can help accomplish this.

Prayer can also help, though I don’t think you have to be religious or even believe in a power outside of the immediate to be able to enjoy the miracles all around us.

Perhaps this perspective stems from the ultimate ignorance that is inherent in the human condition.

After all, no matter how much faith one may posses, none of us truly knows the full story behind why we are here.

But whether life’s phenomena are formed by an All Mighty God, or are just a random assortment of fortuitous events, there is still an element of magic woven into their mere existence.

For example, it is incredible that I can think a word and my fingers are able to type that word before I consciously contemplate where the keys are.

It is fantastic how soft the sensation is on my hands as I pet my cats, and how they, these smaller living beings, are able to respond to my touch.

Watching a flower blossom into a bold bloom is a visceral experience beyond words.

It is astounding how vast the sky is from where I stand, how the depth of blue bleeds from dark to light, how the clouds travel across this span carried by the wind, and to think that they will one day become part of an ocean, only to then, one day, transform again.

Truly, it is miraculous to be able to experience anything at all.

Whether good or bad, to have the capacity to witness and respond is a gift we shouldn’t take for granted.

To posses within us such depths that we are able to transform like the clouds is a potential we shouldn’t forget.

If nothing is a miracle, nothing is quite as beautiful.

So if your perceptions are stuck in the day-to-day banalities of to-do lists and everyday tasks, take a moment to pause and look at the colors around you, tap into your senses, notice a few of the small miracles around you.

Let the world come alive. Let everything be a miracle.

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