Sorry, but I’ve got something to say about the way you’re always saying “sorry”.

If you’re like most women, you say sorry at least once every hour.

You apologize for stating your opinion.

You apologize when you ask for something.

You apologize when you express any sort of emotion, including when you laugh “too loudly”.

You might also apologize to yourself for not doing the things you say you want to do.

You feel bad for staying up too late.

You feel bad for not working out in the morning.

You feel bad for eating an ice-cream Sunday.

Well, what would happen if you stopped apologizing?

What would happen if you just owned what you want, what you feel, who you are, and the choices you make?

Give it a try.

Start to notice how often you say “sorry”.

Pay attention to how you feel when you make an excuse.

And when you hear yourself doing it, see if you can change it.

Don’t apologize for wanting more salt on your scrambled eggs. Just ask for more salt, pleasandthankyouverymuch.

Don’t feel bad about not going for a jog this morning. Either go for a jog right now or own up to the fact that you hate jogging and find a form of movement that makes you happy.

Choose your life, and don’t apologize for your choices (unless they actually harm someone, of course).

You have a right to the life experience you want, right down to the way you have your scrambled eggs.



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