Debby Ryan Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

The Disney channel has continuously found some real talents for Hollywood. From Zendaya to Selena Gomez to the new sensation Deborah Anne Ryan also known as Debby Ryan.

Before getting the big break in the Disney series The Suite Life On Deck, Debby had done some great work in movies.

With all that talent and experience, she made The Suite Life Of Deck one of the highest-rated Disney Channel series, beating the likes of Lizzie McGuire and even Hannah Montana.

After acting, she also made her way to singing and collected a lot of accolades for her vocal skills too.

Debby Ryan Weight Loss Journey

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However, in this article, we are not going to talk about her acting chops or her singing skills; we are going to talk about the Debby Ryan weight loss journey; suffering from an eating disorder to a heart attack, and how she achieved the healthier and attractive physical shape.

We’ll start by saying that it hasn’t been easy for Debby over the past few years. Being in the limelight for 13 years continuously has its pros and cons.

The fame, the wealth, and the fan following is one thing, but all these things bring haters, trolls, and in the earlier years of her career, body shamers.

A few years back, Debby Ryan was a little more chubby, which caused online body shaming as well as bullying. Some people even accused her of substance abuse at one point, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

All this hate led her to make some changes to her lifestyle and helped her achieve the perfect physical as well as mental health. With the weight loss, the confidence also increased, and now Debby Ryan is doing more work than ever before.

But how did the Debby Ryan weight loss happen? What was her workout routine, and what diet did she follow? In this article, we’ll tell you just that. But first, we should address something even more important.

Debby Ryan Heart Attack

A few years back, one of her Disney Channel co-stars, Cameron Boyce, died an untimely death. Rumors started on social media that Debby Ryan had suffered a heart attack after hearing this news.

However, it was all Twitter hearsay, and there was no credible source to back these claims. Just some fans driving ideas because apparently, Debby Ryan did not post anything about Cameron Boyce’s death on any social media platform.

She never confirmed as to why she didn’t talk about her Jessie co-star’s death on social media, but it’s pretty obvious that she might have been upset and didn’t want to talk about the untimely death of one of her friends.

She also turned off almost all of her social media for a few days after Cameron’s death. So, it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t have a heart attack and was just mourning the death of Cameron Boyce alone.

Debbie Ryan Workout Plan


Debbie Ryan wasn’t always fat. She had been suffering from body dysmorphia since she was 13 years old. But, she took good care of her diet to make sure that this condition won’t affect her body too much.

However, at one time, one of her closest friends was diagnosed with cancer, and she went through a very bad heartbreak as well, which affected her condition.

She stopped taking care of herself and gained over 12 pounds within a few months. Then came the trolls and the body shamers. After constant trolling, Debby realized that she needed to shut these body-shamers up.

That is when the Debby Ryan weight loss journey began. She developed a workout routine and made sure that she stuck to it.

Cardio & Boxing:

Her workout routine majorly was a mix of cardio and boxing; a lot of warm-up routines, jump ropes, push-ups, squats, and footwork drills. She focuses a lot on footwork drills and push-ups, as you can see on her Instagram.

All this cardio is just a warm-up before a complete boxing and sparring session with her trainer.

First, she does a lot of cardio to relax the muscles and warm up the body for a long and tiring sparring session. Then comes the actual boxing matches with her trainer, who tests her to the limit every day.

Her sparring sessions are like a proper boxing match with attacks, defenses, dodging punches, and sometimes even kickboxing.

The biggest advantage and the primary reason that Debby Ryan has a cardio and boxing-based workout routine is that it pays double dividends.

With boxing, she is not only losing weight but also gaining a lot of fitness. Strong muscles, strong bones, agility, speed, and of course, actual boxing skills are just a few benefits of her unique workout routine.

So, if you want a weight loss journey like that of Debby Ryan, you will have to follow a workout routine like that of Debby Ryan. The best part about the Debby Ryan workout routine is that it is very easy to follow.

You don’t require fancy and expensive equipment. All you need is a pair of boxing gloves, a sparring partner, and a cardio routine. Debby does cardio at least five times a week, and the sparring sessions occur once a week.

You can start with once or twice a week cardio and then move towards boxing as your stamina develops.

Debby Ryan Diet Plan

For a successful body transformation and weight loss, a good diet plan is just as important as a good workout routine, if not more important.

We already told you about Debby’s hectic but fruitful workout routine, and now we will also tell you about her diet plan.

We don’t know about her daily meal settings, but she did say in an interview as to what she eats and what she avoids to maintain a healthy physique.

In an interview with Vogue, she said that she has a simple diet plan of eating plants and vegetables and avoiding carbs at all costs. She likes fruits and vegetables that have high nutritional value to provide her body with enough vitamins, proteins, and other minerals.

Another thing that Debby focuses on a lot is hydration. She said that she drinks as much water as she can, which helps her stay sharp and fit throughout the day. Maybe that’s also the secret to that beautiful skin.

What To Eat:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Oats
  • Fresh Juices
  • Water
  • Bread
  • Whole-Grain Foods
  • Almond Milk

What To Avoid:

  • Too much sugar
  • Oily/Fried Foods
  • Foods with too many carbs
  • Foods with too much meat
  • Soft drinks with carbohydrates

Before & After

Debby Ryan

With this incredible diet plan and workout routine, Debby was able to lose over 13 pounds (approximately 6 kgs). Before she began the weight loss journey, Debby weighed about 130 pounds, and after all the hard work, she now weighs around 117 pounds.

Debby Ryan Weight & Height

The 117 pounds (52 kgs) perfectly compliments Debby’s 5 feet 5 inches height. The slightly short height was also a reason she looked more chubby than she really was at first.

The weight loss really did wonders for her confidence, and she feels much more comfortable in her skin now.

Is Debby Ryan Married

Debby Ryan Marriage:

Debby Ryan is one such lucky person who married the love of her life after going through some hard times. She was married in December 2019 to Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots.

Debby and Josh were friends for SIX years. They married one another in an intimate ceremony in secret on New Year’s Eve in 2019. Their marriage was confirmed last year when they gave an interview to Vogue magazine.

Debby Ryan Instagram


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You will know Debby doesn’t compromise on food if you follow her on Instagram. To maintain her body, she hasn’t stopped enjoying her favorite foods. She encourages healthy eating and encourages her followers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can easily see her diet and workout plan to attain the mental and physical peace and health she has achieved.

Debby Ryan lost her weight the good old way, with hard work and determination. So, if she can do it, you can do it too. Just stick to the diet and workout mentioned in this article, and you will soon see the results. Just as her loved ones supported Debby, we are sure your loved ones will support you in your weight loss journey too.

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