Weight LossDanni Southern Charm Weight Loss | Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Danni Southern Charm Weight Loss | Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Danni Baird, an American reality TV star, has been a regular member of the highly popular show Southern Charm. Born in 1984, Danni is 37 years old and is actually a very good artist. Danni was a regular on Southern Charm up to the 7th Season.

But now, she spends most of her time doing what she loves most- painting. You can check out her DB designs websites to buy her artwork or order a custom painting as well.

But before she wrapped up Season 7 of Southern Charm and started pursuing her passion for art full-time, Danni was turning heads for something totally different. Yes, we are talking about the Danni Southern Charm weight loss story.

Fans noticed after the first couple of seasons that Danni was getting slimmer and slimmer with each passing season. Seeing as Danni was always quite fit and healthy, fans were concerned if her weight loss was due to some illness.

In other words, when the fans first noticed a substantial change in her physical appearance, speculations started flying on social media. So, we decided to answer all the questions regarding the Danni Southern Charm weight loss.

Did Danni Baird From Southern Charm Lose Weight?

There are no two opinions on whether Danni Baird actually lost weight or not. Comparing Danni’s pictures from Season 1 and Season 7 of Southern Charm, it’s pretty evident that Danni has undergone quite a change. So much so, that fans were actually worried about her health at one point.

The reason for these worries is how skinny she looks. She always had a very attractive face, but now there is not an ounce of fat on her face. Moreover, her arms and legs are very skinny. One fan even said that her legs look like little twigs.

And to be completely honest, the sudden manner in which her body has changed would have anyone worried for her health. On top of all that, she once fainted during the show as well which gave flame to the rumors about Danni suffering from an eating disorder.

How Did Danni Baird Lose Weight?

If you were to read all the rumors about how Danni Baird lost weight, you’d see that most people blame it on eating disorders or medications. However, because there has been absolutely no talk about any such thing from Danni or any of her friends or family, these are all mere assumptions.

It could be that Danni follows a strict diet plan and spends hours in the gym every day to attain and maintain her slim figure.

Some fans have also speculated that Danni Baird switched to a vegetarian diet which caused her to lose an exponential amount of weight over time. However, that is not a plausible assumption, because even with a vegan diet, it’s not possible to lose as much weight as Danni has that you almost start to look sick.

So, what we think has happened is that Danni Baird has made a conscious effort to look the way she currently does. She must have followed a specific protein-based diet to lose fat around her neck, arms, and legs to look so petite.

Until Danni Baird decides to share her secret behind the weight loss, we can only make assumptions. We did scrutinize her social media profiles, but sadly there’s no mention of any specific diet plan or even a single workout video.

Fan Reactions To Danni Southern Charm Weight Loss

Neither Danni nor anyone else close to her has mentioned anything about Danni’s weight loss. It was the fans who noticed the apparent change and took to social media to ask questions and raise their concerns.

A fan on the Southern Charm subreddit said:

‘Is Danni okay? Anyone else feel like she looks emaciated? Her legs are little twigs. There is a definite change in her body from Season 1.’

The way this user asked the question, seems like they are genuinely concerned about Danni’s health and are not trolling or hating on her. Although using the word twigs wasn’t the best idea.

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All-in-all fans are quite concerned about Danni’s health and Danni staying completely silent on this matter only raises more eyebrows. We hope she re-appears on Southern Charm soon enough and talks about the Danni Southern Charm weight loss journey so fans can stop worrying about her.

If Danni is suffering from any disorder, we wish her more power and a qucik recovery.

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