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Chef Eric Greenspan Weight Loss With WW Collaboration [2024]

Eric Greenspan is a great ambassador of comfort foods and earned a place among other culinary legends by providing a healthy twist to our favorite comfort foods.

Aside from being an acclaimed celebrity chef, Eric Greenspan is a popular TV personality in America. Eric has not only been a contestant but also hosted and judged multiple cooking shows like Guy’s Grocery Games and Guy’s Ranch Kitchen. Eric has also worked on some of the biggest platforms like Fox, Travel Channel, Food Network, National Geographic, and more recently Facebook Watch.

One thing is certain, people love Eric and his healthy recipes. Today we are focusing on something else Eric is making news for. If you also have questions about the Eric Greenspan weight loss journey, read on to find out all the facts.

How Did Eric Greenspan Lose Weight?

Anyone who’s been following the celebrity chef’s career would know that Eric has always been overweight. And frankly, it is quite unsurprising to see someone who cooks and eats in restaurants all day long being a little overweight. But, he did always want to lead a healthier life, he just didn’t know where and how to start.

All that changed when WW (a.k.a Weight Watchers) knocked on his door. In December 2018, WW and Chef Eric Greenspan collaborated to release a cookbook called ‘King of Comfort Food.’ The book has 160 traditional holiday dishes but with a healthy twist.

Once the book hit the market, Eric himself decided to make the necessary changes to his lifestyle to lose some weight. Eric hasn’t shared how he lost weight but he has credited the WW weight loss program for his transformation.

The thing about the WW program is that these are specialized diet plans for every person according to their needs. So, Eric hasn’t shared his diet plans with anyone just yet, but he has provided a few tips to develop healthier eating habits.

Finding the balance.

Eric insists on finding the balance between eating healthy and eating the foods that you love. You can eat your guilty pleasure foods as long as your healthy food intake is complete as well.

Striking the right balance is important because then you won’t get bored and tired of your healthy diet. If you shun everything and switch to salads only, you are bound to go back to your old ways sooner or later. In other words, it’s ok to give in to your cravings sometimes, but make sure you balance it out.

Community support.

The support of your family and friends is very important if you want to make some drastic changes to your physical appearance. If you want to eat healthily, the people around you should support you instead of bringing home a KFC bucket. The best thing would be to start the program as a group, talk to each other through the process, and enjoy a healthy life altogether.

Think of it as a lifestyle.

One of the most important things to ensure success in this switch to a healthy lifestyle is to think of it as a lifestyle. Don’t think of it as a mission that you are going to complete in a few months and then revert to the old diets.

When you think of it as a lifestyle, your mind will know that this is the new normal now and your body will accept it all that more quickly.

How Much Weight Did Eric Greenspan Lose?

Since collaborating with WW in 2018, Eric has managed to lose 50 pounds and is still striving to slim down more. Apart from the fact that Eric follows the WW weight loss program, he hasn’t shared much about how he did it.

Losing this much weight with diet alone seems implausible, so we think he does go to the gym as well. But, until Eric confirms it himself, it’s only an assumption.


And that’s all there is to talk about the Eric Greenspan weight loss journey. With his transformation, Eric has proved that his healthy comfort food recipes and the WW weight loss program will bring noticeable results, provided you stick to it with full commitment.

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