Dascha Polanco Weight Loss journey: Diet, Workout Routine, Here’s The Complete Details [2021]

Dascha Polanco

If you are a weight loss aspirant and looking for a motivational figure then Dascha Polanco is the exact exemplar for it. Dasha Polanco weight loss journey is poignant and easier to follow for you. Let’s Know Dascha Polanco A Bit: Dascha Polanco is an actress hailing from the Dominican Republic but working in America … Read more

Full Story on Sherry Yard Weight Loss Journey: Reason and Secrets

Sherry Yard

Sherry Yard Weight Loss Journey Weight loss is a topic frequently discussed and talked about in the town in modern times. And if you are looking for successful role models then Sherry Yard, a famous American chef, is the one you can take inspiration from. Sherry Yard went through a transformation with her persistence and … Read more

Pam Bondi Weight Loss Story: Reason & Secrets, Diet, Before & After [2021]


If you are even slightly interested in politics, you will know who Pam Bondi is. However, if you don’t know about her background and are only here to find information about Pam Bondi’s weight loss. We would like to first tell you about the impressive life of Pam Bondi. Pam Bondi, is an American lobbyist, … Read more

How to get rid of apron belly without surgery

Apron Belly

People with overweight went through different problems like hypertension, heart disease, and physical changes. The most common physical change due to overweight is the apron belly. Apron belly causes due to the expansion of internal organs of the nearby belly. During pregnancy or weight gain, extra fats cover the omentum, which is like an apron … Read more

How did Khloe Kardashian lose weight | Diet And Workout Routine

khloe kardashian

Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss Khloe Kardashian is an American model, entrepreneur, and social personality born on 27th June 1984 in California. She started her career with her famous family television series “Keeping with the Kardashians”. This series rocked the E! – Network on which it broadcasted because of its content. She has a partnership in … Read more

How to lose 15 pounds in a month without exercise

weight loss

In today’s world, everyone wants to have a healthy body weight. Maintaining a body weight becomes the top priority for most of us. But we are so busy with our routine that we can’t take out time for exercise or workouts. Exercising becomes difficult for most people as it demands hard work, a proper time … Read more

Robert costa weight loss story: | Diet And Workout Routine

Robert Costa

In the present world, perfect body weight becomes an essential part of our lifestyle. Everyone wishes to have an ideal trimmed body. But the variety of junk food is all around us which makes it difficult for us to lose weight. In this situation, Robert costa- an American journalist becomes an inspirational story for people, … Read more

Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss Story: Reason and Secrets [2021]

Andrea Bocelli

Who Is Andrea Bocelli? Andrea Bocelli is a singer, producer, and songwriter from Italy. He is an icon of classical music and has also been registered in the Guinness Book Of Records. Celine Dion once stated, “If God had a singing voice, then he must sound a lot more like Andrea Bocelli.” He performed live … Read more