Better Diet Resources

New Ways to Approach What (and How) You Eat

We all have to eat, and most of us really like to eat.

So why are so many of us struggling with this basic life necessity?

The answer is most obviously found in the last century, when processed foods and dieting both became the norm in industrialized societies.

But before we had access to modern pharmaceuticals, most people actually approached food as medicine, and used it as the first line of defense against disease.

Unless you’re trying to find out about your personal food intolerances with the help of a trained health-care professional, there is no reason for you to be on a diet at all.

Instead, you should be eating foods to help you feel good, in body, mind, and spirit.

These free resources will start you on your path to revolutionizing the way you approach your food, and set you on your path to look and feel more vibrant, every day.

Stop the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and start feeding your body what it really needs.

Start using food as as the nourishing, feel-good fuel it’s meant to be and you will begin feeling satisfied with your food, body, and self.

When you’re full of goodness there’s no room for anything else, simple as that.

Adjust your diet to the weather

Did you know that the food you eat should change with the seasons?

You already do this intuitively to an extent.

After all, not many people eat watermelon in the snow or beef stew to celebrate summer solstice.

There are certain foods and lifestyle choices that support your health through each season so you can feel better in whatever weather comes your way.



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Is Stress Making You Fat?

Did you know that the level of your stress can actually have more of an impact on your weight than the food you eat?

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Eat Healthier Every Day

There are certain universal truths we can all rely on when it comes to eating healthy.

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Eat for Your Constitution

We all need different things to be healthy and live a truly vibrant life, and it all starts with your constitution. These 3 articles will help you understand your health and body better:

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Use Your Food as Medicine

Food can be medicine if you learn how to read your body. Here are two articles that will help you decode your signs and symptoms so you know what foods your body wants more and less of:

The Basics of Tongue Analysis

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