In Chinese medicine, legend has it that if you do moxa over Stomach 36 every day no disease will harm you.

First, let me clarify.

Moxa is collected from the fuzzy underbelly of the leaves on mugwort plants.

It is an herb that humans have carried since the earliest migrations from Africa.

Along with many other medicinal and mystical uses of mugwort as a whole, moxa is burned either directly on or above the body to help tonify and boost qi (qi is warm in nature, and by burning moxa on the body it’s like you’re directly injecting a dose of qi into the chosen point).


Meanwhile Stomach 36 is a point one hand’s-width below the eye of the knee about  1 inch lateral to the tibia.

It is a gentle yet powerful point that can be integrated into almost any point protocol to benefit overall health.


It’s been a few years since I’ve known that I want to do moxa on myself on a daily, or at least more regular basis, yet I never took the 5 minutes to actually do it.

Let’s be honest, 5 minutes isn’t a lot.

It’s the type of thing that can be done while watching a movie, and I love watching movies, so I really had no excuse beyond sheer laziness.


That changed yesterday.

I figure if I can drag my lazy bum out of bed to make it to an early morning yoga class every day, and organize myself well enough to make sure that I have enough food with me at all times while I’m doing the Whole 30, there is really no reason I can’t also take 5 minutes in the evening to do some moxa on myself.

(Click here to read more about why I’m doing the Whole 30 and waking up early to go to yoga)


In reality, these are all small changes.

We eat mostly vegetables and a little meat in our house already, so the Whole 30 isn’t a big leap from our regular diet.

I used to do 2 hours of Ashtanga yoga every morning for a couple of years, so I know how good I feel when I practice regularly, and I know that I have the discipline within me already.

As for the moxa, I’ve never done that regularly, but it’s really not that hard to incorporate into my evening routine.


Perhaps in the coming days I will find a few more shifts in habit that could make a world of difference to my well-being if I would just put in the small amount of effort they take to engage in.

My goal for this coming month is to actually do them, rather than just thinking about them.

Not having enough energy or time really can’t be an excuse.

The energy will come when these shifts are truly integrated into my daily life, more energy, in fact, than when I live without them.

And as for time, it can be found.

Going to bed earlier is a simple solution to getting enough sleep, for example, and by waking up earlier there is suddenly time to do yoga in my otherwise busy schedule.


I’m curious what small changes you could make for your health, and what’s holding you back from making them happen.

Also, what would it take for you to start making those shifts, and if you have, how do you feel now?

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