HealthAre Veterans Retiring with Adequate Healthcare?

Are Veterans Retiring with Adequate Healthcare?

Veterans often put their lives on the line for the sake of protecting Americans and safeguarding democracy. Unfortunately, many veterans find themselves without adequate healthcare that covers all their needs.

It’s important to note that there are actually many resources available for veterans to obtain healthcare. Sadly, there is a disheartening amount of the veteran population who are not taking advantage of these healthcare resources and — as a result — are unable to receive the care and preventative screenings that they require.

Why Don’t Some Veterans Have Adequate Healthcare?

Given the abounding opportunities and resources for veterans to receive healthcare coverage, one may wonder why it is that so many veterans find themselves without adequate healthcare coverage. Becoming aware of these reasons can help people find solutions to these problems and implement changes that ensure that all veterans are receiving sufficient healthcare services.

Lack of Awareness

One of the biggest reasons that some veterans find themselves without adequate healthcare is the fact that they’re simply unaware of the options available to them. Of the many healthcare options available to veterans — both veteran-specific and general options — many are not as widely publicized as they maybe should be.

A way to combat this lack of awareness is by creating new campaigns, programs, and initiatives that help spread awareness about the healthcare options available to veterans. The more that these healthcare organizations can reach veterans, the more veterans will be able to have adequate healthcare coverage that provides them with the services that they need.

Healthcare Coverage Options Available to Veterans

For veterans and their dependents, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the healthcare options that are out there. These range from service-related healthcare plans to more general forms of healthcare that are available to the public at large.


TRICARE is a healthcare program that specifically caters to active military, military veterans, and the families of both active military personnel and military veterans. They offer several healthcare coverage plans along with tools to help one find the coverage that is best for them.


CHAMPVA is a healthcare-providing medical service offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Similar to TRICARE, CHAMPVA is geared toward the families of people who have served in the military, however, eligibility differs between the two providers.

VA Healthcare

VA Healthcare is another healthcare provider that caters to veterans. The requirements to be eligible for VA Healthcare services are more specific than TRICARE and CHAMPVA and not all veterans will be eligible.


Unlike the other aforementioned healthcare services, Medicare’s services are not tailored toward active-duty military personnel, military veterans, or their dependents. Rather, Medicare typically serves seniors and adults over the age of 65 or those with disabilities. Though it is not military-specific, veterans in need of healthcare services may qualify for Medicare and have the opportunity to receive the healthcare treatments that they require.

Ways to Ensure That More People Receive Healthcare

Unfortunately, the problem of not having adequate healthcare spreads beyond veterans alone. A number of factors — such as a lack of health insurance or reliable transportation — cause scores of people to go on living without sufficient healthcare coverage. Luckily, there are ways in which the disparities in access to healthcare can be overcome and bring more healthcare to those in need — including veterans.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services are health services that are provided through the use of technology, such as virtual doctor visits. The more accessible and affordable telehealth services become, the more people will be able to have access to the healthcare services that they need.

Government Programs

The United States federal government has created several initiatives to increase healthcare access over the years. By supporting these initiatives, people can help support the spread of healthcare to those in need.

Getting the Word Out

Veterans have served their country and deserve to retire with access to healthcare services that meet their needs and provide them with the security of good health. Though there are resources available, many veterans are not taking advantage of the healthcare resources that are out there due to a lack of awareness.

Getting the word out about the healthcare resources available to veterans is paramount to ensuring that these individuals find access to the healthcare services they require.

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