Weight LossAnna Faris Weight Loss Story- The Saddening Reason!

Anna Faris Weight Loss Story- The Saddening Reason!

From working on TV and starring in blockbuster Hollywood movies to writing books and hosting podcasts, Anna Faris has done all there is to do in the showbiz industry. Anna making headlines is nothing new, but this time around the headlines are worrying.

Recently, fans have noticed a downward spiral in Anna’s health and they are genuinely worried for her health. Even Anna’s friends and family have noticed the sudden but drastic change and have publicly raised concerns over it.

But what is the reason for this drastic change in Anna’s weight? Is she on a specific diet or is she using some weight loss pills? These are the type of rumors we are going to address today. And we’ll also tell you the real reason for her weight loss. So, let’s get to it.

When Did Anna Faris Lose Weight?

The whole Anna Faris weight loss saga started in 2017, right after Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split after 8 years together. A divorce that shook the entire Hollywood because it was so out of the blue. Anna and Chris seemed perfect for each other. They were a match made in heaven until they weren’t.

Although the marriage ended only in 2017, the problems had begun much earlier. As both Anna and Chris shared themselves, they tried to make it work for years but in the end, they didn’t succeed and decided to split. However, they remain good friends and co-parent a son. They still live within 5 miles of each other to ensure both of them are always there for their son.

After the split, Chris has already moved on and married Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the amicable split hasn’t been very kind to Anna. Sources close to Anna confirmed that she took the divorce really hard, as she has stopped taking care of herself. Before the divorce, Anna used to work out regularly and followed a healthy diet plan. But all that’s gone out the window now.

Before And After

Anna Faris

Anna Faris Weight Loss Reactions

But fans only recently noticed Anna’s drastic weight loss when she posted a picture of herself wearing small shorts. Her legs looked so thin, it was like candy canes. Then another picture of Anna on a red carpet went viral where she was wearing a backless dress and her back was so skinny her bones were visible.

That’s when fans took to social media to raise their concerns. One of her followers suggested ‘Get Help!’ in the comments while another commented with a single word, ‘Eat.’ The comments got so loud that Anna actually deleted that photo from her Instagram.

That’s when an unnamed insider opened up and told the media that Anna has been drinking a lot. They said that she starts drinking early in the morning, doesn’t follow a proper diet anymore, and hardly works out. All that drinking has finally taken a toll on Anna’s health and she looks so skinny to the point of looking sick.

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We hope this clears up every confusion you have about the Anna Faris weight loss story. We hope Anna can turn it all around and move on, just like Chris did. Because Hollywood needs the energy and comic sense of someone as talented as Anna Faris, now more than ever.

We also want to say that body shaming someone is not good. Especially when they have gone through a really rough patch in their life. As true fas, we should be supporting Anna through this instead of leaving horrific comments on her every social media post.

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