Can you smell it in the air? Autumn is here!

Those of us in more northern climates are already seeing the hints of leaves changing colors. The wind has an added element of crispness, and we’re getting ready to brew up some warm and spicy beverages.

Whether you love the changing seasons or would rather live in an endless summer, there are a few things you can do to transition into the colder months with a stronger immune system and more vibrant health.

Here are 5 autumn health strategies for your most vibrant fall ever:

1. Eat Fall Colors

As the weather begins to get colder it’s important to consolidate and support your body’s natural inner-warmth by moving away from cooling foods like salads and watermelon, and turning instead to warmer foods like roasted vegetables and soups.

According to Chinese medicine, sweeter yellow, orange, and dark red vegetables will help you transition through the seasons more easily.

Incorporate more winter squash, carrots, and beets into your meals.

Also use slower cooking methods like roasting, baking, and pull out the crock-pot to infuse your dishes with added warmth.

Finally, use warming herbs like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, and nutmeg to add extra warm “umph” to any fall meal.


2. Go Outside

The weather might be getting colder but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go outside.

Spending time in nature has been proven to improve mental and physical health alike, so you definitely shouldn’t hibernate indoors just because the air is a bit nippy.

Going outside as often as you can in autumn will also prepare your body’s defenses for the colder weather, so you’ll be less likely to get sick when the winter hits.


3. Get More Sleep

Have you noticed that your energy is starting to wane as the days get noticeably shorter? It’s actually supposed to.

Nature is at its fullest energetic force around summer solstice, and becomes progressively more sleepy until winter solstice turns the cycle back around.

So to stay healthy in the colder months, do what nature does: consolidate your energy, slow down, go to bed earlier, and get more sleep.

That way you’ll have a lot more energy on reserve when you need it.


4. Set Boundaries

In Chinese medicine autumn is the season that corresponds with Metal.

The phase-element of Metal is associated with clarity, the ability to see what is important, and the ability to cut off what is no longer needed.

In addition to getting more sleep, another good way to consolidate your energy in the autumn is to examine your life and evaluate which aspects no longer serve you.

Whether you need to change an attitude, let go of a relationship, or just want to empty out your closet, practice actively saying no to anything that doesn’t truly nourish you in some way.


5. Visit the Sauna

Building up your physical boundaries is just as important as your internal boundaries in the autumn.

As the weather changes, you want to make sure your outer defenses are well-trained and ready to fight off any bacteria and viruses that might try to invade your system.

The best way to send your immune system to boot-camp is to visit a sauna, and rinse cold immediately afterward.

This will teach your body to bring the warmth to your core so your metabolic functions are in tip-top shape.


If you use these 5 natural health strategies this autumn, you’ll be sure to feel more balanced and vibrant as it begins to get colder.


What natural health strategies do you use to tune you into the season? Leave a comment below!


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