Emilia Clarke Weight Loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Emilia Clarke

Who doesn’t love the Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen? But even the character itself is not as loved as the actor who played it. Born on 23rd October in 1986, Emilia Isabel Euphemia Rose Clarke debuted with the role of a lifetime. Playing one of the major roles in one of the biggest television series … Read more

Susan Boyle Weight Loss | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Susan Boyle

Anyone who watches Britain’s Got Talent knows exactly who Susan Boyle is. Who can forget her first audition where she went from being laughed at to being adored within a couple of minutes. As soon as she took to the stage, the audience as well as the judges- mostly Simon Cowel- let out a collective … Read more

Delta Burke Weight Loss | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Delta Burke

Hollywood is unforgiving when it comes to a star’s physical appearance. It always has been that way, and sadly, it’s not changing. That’s why even the biggest and well-established stars like Rebel Wilson and Adele felt the need to lose weight. Yes, these celebs do say that they did for themselves, which is true to … Read more

Anne Winters Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Anne Winters

A lot of people closely monitor their favorite celebrities. Fans follow their celebrities in terms of their fashion choices, their behaviors, and the most important one, health. Fans expect their favorite celebs to live a healthy lifestyle and look good at all times. God forbid, any celebrity makes mistakes, and the Twitterati goes crazy scrutinizing … Read more

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey | Diet And Workout Routine

Tessa Brooks

An ardent Youtuber, talented dancer, and now a model and an actress as well, Tessa Brooks does a little bit of everything and does it very well. Born on 5th April 1999- Tessa Brooks started out as a dancer/influencer. Her dance career really took off when she made an appearance on Disney TV’s ‘Next Big … Read more

Steve Gonsalves Weight Loss | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Steve Gonsalves

Who Is Steve Gonsalves? A paranormal investigator born and bred in America, Steve Gonsalves was an integral part of Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters ran from 2004 to 2016 and was one of the longest paranormal activity-based reality TV shows. The SyFy series helped Steve achieve stardom, but it also helped him realize his childhood dream … Read more

Josh Peck Weight Loss Journey | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Josh Peck

More often than not, it is difficult for child stars to handle fame at such an early age. One Google search and you can find plenty of stories about child stars going down the wrong path in their teenage years. However, once in a while, a child comes that not only manages to handle the … Read more

Dan Fogler Weight Loss | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Dan Fogler

Dan Fogler is a Brooklyn-born actor, comedian, writer, director, singer, and the list goes on. In short, he is one of the most talented people in Hollywood right now, and after his remarkable performances in the first two installments of the Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts, his bragging rights are just getting bigger and bigger. … Read more

Dan McLaughlin Weight Loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine


It’s a pretty common thing for TV celebrities and movie stars to undergo drastic body transformations. Sometimes, the change is so drastic that they become a hot topic on the internet and the headlines of tabloids. A similar story is that of Dan McLaughlin’s weight loss, a sports broadcaster who lost 75 lbs in a … Read more

Wolfgang Van Halen weight loss secrets | Diet, And Workout Routine

Wolfgang Van Halen

All of you must be familiar with Wolfgang Van Halen whose recent weight loss transformation has been the talk of the town. The famous musician has worked on himself to be the best version of himself through weight loss. Show business world asserts a lot of pressure on the appearance of the celebrity. This focused … Read more