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Dog Ownership Improves Health

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Dogs are awesome, loving sources of fun. I don’t need to go into much detail, because we all know how great dogs really are. There’s nothing like coming home from a day at the office and playing fetch with your pet. And if you’re stressed about something, a dog will help make your load feel lighter. But did you know that dogs can provide real health benefits?


Increased Activity

Simply put, owning an active pet will also make you more active. Your dog will obviously need to be walked. That means you will get out, enjoy the fresh air, and move your body on a daily basis.


Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the primary causes for health troubles, so stress management is vital. Owning a pet is a good strategy because it can make you less anxious.

And when you need to vent your problems to someone but don’t want to deal with their response, dogs make great listeners. A dog  will listen to what you’re saying, is furry and hug-able, but you won’t need to hear them talk!

Moreover, Karren Allen, PhD, at University of Buffalo, found that those in a very high-stress job (in this case it was stockbrokers) who owned a pet had lower blood pressure than people who did not own a pet.


Social Life

Loneliness is another important health concern. Dog companionship will not only alleviate loneliness, but can bring you together with other people as well.

We sometimes find that meeting new people can be a tough task. Owning a dog will help with that. Just taking your dog for a walk will almost guarantee people stopping to come up to talk to you about it. Or you can go to a dog park and converse with other dog lovers. You’re bound to make new friends.


Positive Warning

Although there are no guaranteed facts, there has been research done to prove dogs will warn their owners of seizures and food allergies. Certain researchers believe that dogs are able to notice the subtle changes in a person’s body that will cause a seizure. As for people with severe allergies, there are certain dogs that are able to sniff out any “danger” food.

Check this out.  A little over two years ago, a study was done by Miami University (in Ohio) and The University of St. Louis.  The point of the study? To figure out just how much pets really do improve the mental health of a person.  One of the experiments surveyed 217 people about different areas of their personality.  When the results rolled in, the pet owners were happier and healthier.  Want to know a little more about that study? Read this.

And there you have it — owning a pet will improve your health!


Author Bio: Lisa Podwirny is a health enthusiast, animal lover, and the owner of Ketchum Mfg in Upstate NY.

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